Linux Virtual Server Logos

If you would like to include a link to the Linux Virtual Server project, feel free to use one of our official logo "stickers" below.

300x300, 55K

100x100, 4KBytes 150x150, 7KBytes 200x200, 10KBytes
  • Note that this logo was redrew by Gimp completely under the inspiration of Spike's logo. The logo file in GIMP XCF format is available here, and the logo in 460x460 is also available.

You may also want to use a "Powered by Linux Virtual Server" stickers:

200x59, 8KBytes 250x74, 11KBytes
500x147, 32KBytes

Other Logos

  • "Spike" <> proposed the following VS logo. Thank Spike! I like his logo much better than my ugly logo (however real servers may not be Linux boxes in virtual server).

300x307, 16K

100x102, 3KBytes 150x152, 5KBytes 200x204, 7KBytes
  • My draft LVS logo, which just express the meaning of request dispatching.

299x399, 17K

74x99, 3KBytes 95x127, 4KBytes 98x145, 4KBytes

Please tell me which one you like or your snapshot LVS logo, thank you!